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Monday, April 29, 2013

Introducing Mary Waibel

Hi! I'm Mary and I write YA fantasy.

Wow, that sounds like an introduction at group help meeting. But I promise that's not where I"m going with this.

I'm a newly published author here at MuseItUp. My debut novel, Quest of the Hart, released to the world on April 19th, and I am currently waiting line edits for Charmed Memories, a companion novel.

I played around with writing for a long time, always trying to write my own romance. I entered a couple of contests at the Harlequin site, no luck, but it was tons of fun.

Then I decided to write a story based on character my husband and our friends were role playing. I ended up with some really cool characters and no true plot. Next it was the superhero story, again based on characters we were role playing. This time I had plot, but POV issues arose. (Just for the record, these are two stories I want to go back and try and fix and eventually publish.)

Then I found Writer's Digest, a place where writer's and authors hung out, giving feedback and advice (sadly the groups are no more). I hooked up with some awesome Critique Partners (CP's) and began working on an idea a friend gave me- tell a story about the girly-girl who has to rescue the prince. So, I wrote Quest of the Hart. Or at least one of the early versions of it. After receiving feedback from my CP's I crafted a query letter and sent it out to agents. While I waited for an offer of representation, I worked in book two, The Lost Princess (recently retitled to Charmed Memories). And received nothing but rejections.

In the meantime, NaNoWriMo came up, and I started working on a new idea-a girl with a weapon so powerful, the cost of using it was the life of the one she loved most. Again, I sent it out to agents, and this time had a few nibbles, but alas, no takers.

At this time, I decided to go back to Quest and really take a good look at it. I wrote an entire new draft, then tweaked and tweaked some more. And when it was ready, I sent it out to a few small publishing presses. It came down to two places, and I finally found my home at MuseItUp.

And I am so thankful I have. The journey here has been worth it all. I love the editors and cover artists I have worked with, and Lea, the publisher, puts her heart and soul into all she does for her authors.

You can find me at the following places:
Twitter: @mewtweety14

You can find Quest of the Hart at:

MuseItUp Publishing
Barnes and Noble

Here's a short excerpt:

Arabella’s fingers trembled on the hilt of the dagger as desire for the animal swept through her. He was perfect, not a point out of place or a blemish on his coat. She gazed longingly at him, until a sound from Kaylee brought her back to the task at hand.
Shaking her head to clear it, she watched Kaylee speak to the creature. Did she honestly expect him to answer? Arabella stopped her snort before it gave away her presence. There would be no better chance than this.
Holding the dagger before her, she lined up Kaylee with the tip of the blade. It had to be a perfect throw, as she would not get another chance. She dipped the blade forward once, twice, thrice, then let it fly through the air with a flick of her wrist. The blade spun, end over end, sailing forward. Arabella held her breath, watching, praying her aim was true.
The dagger flew on target, but just before it buried itself in Kaylee’s back, the princess moved, and the dagger embedded itself into the chest of the hart.


  1. Mary, great to meet you! Thanks for sharing your journey. Good luck to you and your writing.

  2. Sounds VERY interesting! Best of luck! :)


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