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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Introducing YA Author Wendy Laharnar

     I am Australian. I love history, myth and fantasy so my writing draws on these interests.

My YA is a 93,000 word time travel novel in which I send a modern Swiss boy back to the Switzerland of 1307, to experience history in the raw.
Titled The Unhewn Stone the novel redefines the Wilhelm Tell Legend and examines the themes of Personal Indentity, Pride, Friendship and Honour and asks is there a difference between freedom Fighters and Terrorists.

This is a hero's journey with a difference because the hero belongs to the 'wrong side' and rather than gathering useful items to help him find his way, Stefan sheds his 'treasures' one by one until ...well that's all I have to say.

Published by MuseItUp, I have three short stories too.

·      Billy the Bonsai Bull is a true story told from Billy’s point of view. This story fits well as a short chapter book for Middle Graders as it deals with bullying, loneliness, and the difference between true and false friends, but it was written for my husband and me. It symbolizes life on our Australian grazing property, which we sold several years ago.

·     Happiness Guaranteed is mainstream Science Fiction but older teens would find it interesting as a futuristic psychological thriller.

·     A Summer Squall features a 10 year old boy, but again I wrote it for myself as a metaphor for the writing process. Young teens would enjoy the adventure but might not get the literary aspect, so I’d have to say this one is mainstream fiction...though much of this story is based on fact. 

 My books are available at
And all online ebook stores

My website   with my bio, the book video trailer, Swiss widget and book excerpts.

I love to talk about writing to young readers and writers. You can email me here.


  1. Wendy, so nice to learn more about you.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    The Unhewn Stone is on my to-be-read list. I love anything time travel related. Yours sounds really great.

  3. Thanks Margaret.

    Tammy, That pleases me, I hope the book pleases you when you read it. Thank you.

  4. These sound great, Wendy! :)



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