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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Penny Estelle stops by for a chat!

Good morning everybody!  My name is Penny Estelle and I’m excited to be invited to the new Muse It Up Blog for kids and YA!

A little about myself – drum roll – I am retired from a school district in Phoenix, AZ, which I worked for twenty-one years as the school secretary.  My hubby and I moved to our fifty-four acre ranch in NW Arizona when we retired and my children now consider me a true redneck hick.  Of course, they have no problem bringing the kids up for weekends to quad all over the many dirt roads that are everywhere up here.  We live off the grid, only with solar and wind to run our household.  Though it was a huge adjustment, I must admit I love it up here.  The night skies are breathtaking and the wildlife is amazing (though I could do without the rattlers)

Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare – the Wickware Sagas, came out in June of 2012.  It’s a story of seventh grader Billy Cooper, who has to draw a name from a box, and then is expected to do an oral book report on Monday.  He has way too many plans for the weekend to be bothered working on a history report.

All this, of course, changes when he meets his subject face to face in the fourteenth century.


Word on the street is other students have had these weird experiences in time travel, but the thing is, it only happens in Old Lady Wickware’s history class.  Is she a witch?  Does she have some sort of magical powers?  Maybe some alien?  Nobody knows and nobody’s talking.

I was ecstatic when Muse It Up asked me to come up with a few more stories in the Wickware Sagas.  Book 2 is, A Ride of a Lifetime, and will be out this summer.  It is the story of a school bully meeting up with Sybil Ludington, a young girl who’s been called the female Paul Revere!

Be watching for the remaining three stories in the Wickware Sagas to be released soon! 
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  1. They sound fantastic. Made me think of the Magic Treehouse series my son loved.

    Best of luck, Penny!

  2. Sounds like a great twist on the time travel. Wish you the best, Penny!

  3. Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare - Interesting premise and what kid couldn’t relate to not wanting to do his homework.

  4. It all sounds really good. Can't wait to read them all.

  5. Great cover. Your YA books are looking good. Time travel into the past is a wonderful learning experience, and you do it so well.

  6. Penny, the book sounds great. I love time travel stories.

  7. Thanks for stopping ladies. I really appreciate it!!!

  8. Your life on the ranch sounds like fun. I enjoy wildlife too, except for the rattlers and scorpions.

    Congratulations on your book and those to follow.


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