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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Launching ... Legends of Liria

The Cloud Pearl is book one of a new fantasy series, Legends of Liria. It's out on 1 November.

To mark the occasion, I've just completed a video trailer - do take a look. It's only one minute and 30 seconds long!

It features the fabulous banner designed by my cover artist, Marion Sipes.

Check it out on the blog -

So, what's it all about?

Inspired by a trip to Montenegro, it features two young questers, Svila and Petra, who must unlock the secrets of ancient legends to save their crumbling homeland from a dark dynasty.

Liria is a land of legend and beauty, but after a battle with its war-like neighbour, its beloved queen vanished and the country became prey to the evil Empire of Bura.

Young girls Petra and Svila are travelling players. Their manager, Zoran, collects legends and stories, hoping their message will inspire Lirians to regain their country and restore its cities to former grandeur. One tale tells of how a defeated queen dismantled her crown into six charms and hid them in the kingdom to avoid capture.

The troupe prepares a show to mark the arrival of new governor, but it is his sinister wife, Kurova Grax, who turns up along with a Buran army and demands Zoran’s arrest for treason.

Zoran passes his notes to the girls, with a brief message. Stay safe. Save Liria. He is dragged off in chains. They flee, but discover their first quest is to the much-dreaded mountain citadel of Gorach, seized by Grax’s oldest son, Skaliari.

Soon it is a race against time to outwit Skaliari and find the first charm. They must use their skills to solve puzzles, tackle obstacles and overcome their personal fears as they attempt to save their precious homeland.

By Pamela Kelt