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Friday, April 4, 2014

My favourite haunts

As soon as I pop the lid on my laptop, I’m in my own fantasy world. Theoretically, I could work anywhere with a flat surface, but in actuality, I have two favourite haunts – depending on the weather. 

My favourite place is, shock horror, the dining table. Well, with the view out onto the garden, I can hardly be blamed. 

The north-facing windowsill is a haven for orchids – and I have quite a collection. They have a certain serenity that I find appealing. My current star is a Miltonia, which has the scent of roses, especially in the morning. 

Garden birds are a constant delight. We have blue tits nesting in box just a few yards from where I sit, meanwhile two pairs of robins like to fight over the two bird baths.

The view out of the window is wonderful the year round. Spring-like at the moment, but just a few days, we had a Gothic storm, complete with thunder, lightning and giant hailstones. All fun to watch!

When it’s dull and drab (or I have a tight deadline!), I perch at my desk, facing an inspirational bookshelf. The desk is usually hidden under mounds of scribbled notes, open books and the connectors to an assortment of devices. I switch on my Art Deco arc lamp and get going.

My two rescue dogs, Chester and Lottie, never leave my side, and are constant companions, day or night. I value them even more now my daughter is at University, and I’m often on my own. Writing is a solitary profession: there’s no getting away from that.

Speaking of writing, I do tend to plot things out using pen and paper, usually in a comfy chair. I find it helps me to think. Then I shift to the computer and get rattling. Finally, if I’m finding it hard to concentrate, I change my desktop screensaver to something relevant. For The Cloud Pearl I had a fantastic mountain view with a rainbow to keep me in the zone. Sometimes I just prop up a postcard. It’s surprising how it can help, just staring into a picture.

I gave up working in an office a few years ago and I’m lucky to be able to write full time. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

By Pamela Kelt


  1. What a gorgeous view, Watching the birds and weather is great inspiration, too. Your dogs are adorable. I like the idea of changing your screen saver to go with your work. Thanks for inviting us in to your creative spaces. Have fun.

  2. You have beautiful writing spaces, Pam, No wonder your new book, released today, is titled Lost Orchid. Congratulations. I love your dogs.


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