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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Where Do I Write?

by Mindy Mymudes

That’s sort of an odd question. I would think most writers write in their heads, or on the computer. Maybe even on paper.
 I guess I do all of the above. As to location, mine changes with the season. In the summer, I like to write in my garden. My education and vocation was in horticulture, so mine is pretty big. We have a two-acre lot in the city. That doesn’t always work very well. I start getting into the plot, and a dog runs through. Or I spot a weed. Or maybe something needs  to be moved. Or. I admit it—I have ADD.

 Plus, Wisconsin isn’t always the best when it comes to weather. So that means going inside.

That doesn’t always work so well, either. It seems my desk collects a lot junk that wasn’t there when I started.

If I could find the keyboard, I’d certainly be able to spend some time writing. But I can’t. So, I end up at a coffee shop, with a spiral-bound notebook (like the one on the top, that’s a picture of a puppy I bred), and write with a cup of chai in my hand.


Eventually, though, I have to transcribe what my character has told me onto the computer. George is funny that way. My husband gave up with my dancing around the house, filling desktops, (I actually have three computers, if I could find them), so he got me a MacBook Air. I can go anywhere.

Sorta. I guess I write where I can.



  1. I've found one of my desks. Then the puppy ate a leg.

  2. Whose leg? Not yours, I hope :)

  3. Hmmm. Is George really going to trust a SPRINGER to transcribe his words? I think not. I'm guessing you'll be headed back outside next! (However, if my Sydney could get that close to my MacBookPro, she would. And then she'd sample the keyboard. Just to see what I was eating the last time I typed.)


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