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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Skywhale...COMING SOON

Esme and her teenage brother, George, find a strange creature while they are out treasure hunting with a metal detector. Before they know it, they are clinging to the veins in the animal’s back while looking out over the tops of trees. It is too late to escape and they fly off into the sky on an adventure. They call the strange animal a “skywhale.” Over the course of a day, they learn that the creature is a highly intelligent being with a great sense of humour and a weakness for courting danger, something that ultimately gets them all into trouble.

The Skywhale
by Deborah Richards
Genre Tween Sci-Fi Fantasy
Tags UFO, telepathy, Stonehenge, crop circles, non-human entities, Iceland, Vikings, treasure, Roswell, aliens.
Release July 18, 2014
Cover Designer Carolina Bensler

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