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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Boiled Dragon Scales-A Halloween Recipe from Kaylee and Sabrina of QUEST OF THE HART

Princess Kaylee paused in the doorway of the kitchen and watched Sabrina  stir a wooden spoon around a copper kettle hung over a fire. Steam billowed from the pot, surrounding her friend in a haze.

"What are you doing? Working on another spell?"

"No." Sabrina glanced over her shoulder and smiled. "I'm making Roasted Dragon Scales."

The room spun as all the blood drained from Kaylee's head. She latched on to the doorframe to keep from falling as her knees turned to jelly. Dragon scales were rumored to have strong magic, but she'd never heard of eating them. "Roasted dragon scales? Fr-from what dragon."

"Not real scales, Princess." Sabrina laughed. "Look."

Kaylee crossed the room and stared into the kettle. White, scale-like objects floated in the boiling water. She knew with one glance they weren't large enough to be dragon scales, not even from a baby dragon, but she had no idea what they really were.

"Did you really think I'd do something so cruel after Aureal rescued us?"

Kaylee shook her head. She and Sabrina owed their life to Aureal, the golden dragon who rescued them from Mount Paladin. "I'm sorry. I should have known better." She looked into the kettle. "If they aren't dragon scales then what are they?"

"Pumpkin seeds." Sabrina swept the spoon through the seeds. "Mother has the best recipe. First you boil them in salted water, then you spread them out in a tin and roast them over coals." She closed her eyes and smacked her lips. "Best tasting seeds ever. Here, why don't you help me make these? I heard from Cook that they're Devlin's favorite."

Kaylee smiled and took the spoon. "Then how could I say no?"

Roasted Dragon Scales (Pumpkin Seeds)

Preheat oven to 300 degrees

2 cups scales (seeds), well washed
3 cups cold water
1/2 cup salt

In a large pot, mix water and salt, stirring to dissolve.  Add seeds and bring to a boil.  Lower heat and simmer for 1/2 an hour.  Remove from heat and drain.  DO NOT RINSE.  Spread evenly on a cookie sheet.  Cook for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.  (Look in on them in the last ten minutes to be sure they don't overcook.  They will be a light golden brown.)  Store in a dry place.

You can read more about Kaylee and Sabrina in Quest of the Hart.

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Princess Kaylee has never had to fight for anything. Her entire life has been arranged, even her marriage. But when Prince Devlin falls under an enchantment, she finds she is willing to do anything to save him, even if it means fighting a dragon.

Devlin's own sister, Princess Arabella, is behind the deadly plot. She wants the throne and will use any means necessary to gain it. Her perfect plan unravels, leaving Devlin caught in a magical sleep that is slowly spreading through the kingdom of Breniera. All Arabella needs to finish her spell and claim the crown is a drop of Kaylee's blood, but obtaining the single drop is proving more difficult than expected.

To save her betrothed, Kaylee embarks on a quest to find an ancient sword and gather a drop of dragon's blood, while trying to stay out of Arabella's traps. But Arabella's traps aren't the only danger. Time is everything. For once the last inhabitant of the kingdom falls asleep, the spell will be sealed, and not even true love's kiss will break it.


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