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Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's an anniversary FREEBIE

On June 28, 236 years ago, the Battle of Monmouth was fought. Our men were dropping like flies from the unbearable heat. Famous heroine, Molly Pitcher, stepped in to help her husband and many more. What historians failed to tell us was that there were two seventh graders from Miss Wickware's class, from the twenty-first century there also - helping. Weird, huh?

In honor of the anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth, Flash to the Past is free for only a few days! 


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Friday, June 20, 2014

School of Deaths Book Trailer

Cam a timid girl find bravery as the first female Death?  

Author Christopher Mannino recently released a book trailer for his new YA Fantasy School of Deaths.


For me, the trailer itself was a bit of a journey.  I teach high school theatre, so was able to recruit some of my students.  One of my students filmed, and the others acted.  However, despite 25 years experience in live theatre, this was one of my first experiences with film.  The trailer, which is only two minutes long, took 3 and half hours to film, and nearly three months to edit.  It premiered as part of my book launch, at a Halloween-themed mini-golf course, where I showed it on Friday the 13th.  The book isn't scary, in fact most of the recent reviews have compared it to Harry Potter in terms of feeling/style- but it does have darker elements that tie in with Halloween.

Now, to celebrate the release of the trailer, I've launched a new contest.  If anyone shares the trailer at least five times, they could win a 20 dollar Amazon gift card.  See for full details.  And without further ado, the trailer itself:

Aizai the Forgotten release!

My young adult fantasy novel is now released as an e-book!

Here is the book description:
With an otherworldly horse borrowed from an astrologer, and armed with a strange magical device, seventeen-year-old Wolfdon Pellegrin sets off through seventeenth-century France and Spain to fulfill his dream of finding the forgotten realm of Aizai.
One obscure book, by the philosopher Paulo de la Costa Santamiguero, has given him a lead to start his journey—go to the northern coast of Spain, where a portal to Aizai supposedly exists.
Though death and danger loom ever near, nothing can dim the longing for Aizai kindling within Wolfdon’s heart. Yet even as he strives to discover the mysterious realm’s secrets and fate, a frightening truth becomes clear—one that may cost Wolfdon everything, including the future.

You can get a copy here:
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