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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Super e-Read Special

MuseItUp Summer Super e-Read Specials continue:

Frannie Ryan has ten weeks to stop her brother from making the biggest mistake of his life. Can she do it?

Amazon Best Seller
The Practical County Drama Queen by Michelle Houts
Middle Grade Fiction
Retails $5.50…now only $2.99 for a limited time.


Note: Price may vary at some retailers.

Heirs of the Shattered Spheres: Emerald of Earth

We’re thrilled to announce Guy Stewart’s upcoming tween/YA sci-fi adventure…
Emerald of Earth
Book 1 in his Heirs of the Shattered Spheres series.

Emerald Marcillon’s parents are murdered near Puerto Chicxulub, the meteorite impact crater that killed the dinosaurs. Inamma–an alien artificial intelligence chip, integrated into a NASA LEMUR IIa robot wants the strange artifacts left over from aninvasion force sent to destroy intelligent beings who ruled from Venus sixty-five million years ago.

Emerald escapes. Her great-aunt orders her brought into orbit to join the crew of SOLAR EXPLORER a spacecraft built into an asteroid that will explore every planet in the Solar System during a twelve-year voyage. Inamma follows.

Emerald’s new friendsare drawn into a race against Inamma’s plan to steal and open the cases and use them to complete its mission: annihilate Humanity.

Pre-order and save 50%

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Super Deal...Isosceles

Adolescent romance…friendships…bullying…divorce…suicide…
Scott R. Caseley deals in these areas and more in his YA coming of age/mystery/romance,
Perfect time for another amazing e-read during our Summer Blitz filled with super deals.
Save $4.96…Now ONLY $0.99 for a limited time.
Price may vary at some retailers.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Julius Caesar Brown and the Green Gas Mystery

Is there anything funnier than a green gas mystery? Well, let’s see what readers have to say…

“Hilarious! Many times I found myself laughing at eleven-year-old Julius’s exploits as he tries to win the affections of the cute girl in his class.” 5 stars

“Highly recommended! Plenty of Laugh-Out-Loud Moments!” 5 stars

“Funny and full of action. What kid wouldn’t want to read a story written by a sassy green alien?” 5 stars

Well, you’re in luck…and green gas filled with mystery is waiting just for you.

Julius Caesar Brown and the Green Gas Mystery by Ace Hansen
is now ONLY $0.99…save $3.51…Limited time special so hurry!