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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Heirs of the Shattered Spheres: Emerald of Earth

We’re thrilled to announce Guy Stewart’s upcoming tween/YA sci-fi adventure…
Emerald of Earth
Book 1 in his Heirs of the Shattered Spheres series.

Emerald Marcillon’s parents are murdered near Puerto Chicxulub, the meteorite impact crater that killed the dinosaurs. Inamma–an alien artificial intelligence chip, integrated into a NASA LEMUR IIa robot wants the strange artifacts left over from aninvasion force sent to destroy intelligent beings who ruled from Venus sixty-five million years ago.

Emerald escapes. Her great-aunt orders her brought into orbit to join the crew of SOLAR EXPLORER a spacecraft built into an asteroid that will explore every planet in the Solar System during a twelve-year voyage. Inamma follows.

Emerald’s new friendsare drawn into a race against Inamma’s plan to steal and open the cases and use them to complete its mission: annihilate Humanity.

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