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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday Morning Musings: September 12 2015: Covers To Pull You In


In my neck of the world, school has just started back. I know January is the start of a new year, but September has always felt like the new year, new start. Maybe it’s also the change of season happening.

As mentioned last week we’re starting up Saturdays with musing fun. For me, there’s nothing better than finding new authors and new books, so let’s meet our genre’s Muse Authors:


 Things Are Not What They Seem


If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor; After

 In A Pickle

A Pirate, a Blockade Runner, and a Cat; I Live In A Doghouse

The King’s Ransom

School of Deaths; Sword of Deaths

Palace of the Twelve Pillars; Palace of the Three Crosses; Sanctuary of Nine Dragons

The Mall Fairies War; Mall Fairies Exile; A Foodie Fairy’s First Foray; The Mall Fairies Bundle

Elephants Never Forgotten

Unveiling the Wizards Shroud; (Coming Soon) The Squire and the Slave Master

Hot Voodoo

Black Cats and Ballet Slippers

Beware of the White

Elixir Bound

Snoogers Rule, Mammoth Drool! Introducing the Amazing Mucus Phlegmball

Earrings of Ixtumea

Soul Cutter

Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite

Beggar Charlie

Dancing on the Dark Side

Relocated; Geek Games

Quest of the Hart; Charmed Memories; Different Kind of Knight

Aizai The Forgotten

Sam and The Sea Witch; Sam and The Beast of Bodmin Moor

Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare; Ride of a Lifetime: Flash to the Past: Bumped Back in Time; Riches to Rags

War Unicorn

Tex, the Witch Boy; Tex and the Gangs of Suburbia; Tex and the God Squad; Elspeth, the Living Dead Girl

In My Own Shadow

In The Shadow of the Unicorn, The Legacy; The Shadow of the Unicorn II, The Deception

Keep reading and dreaming. If there’s anything you’re curious about just drop me a note:

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