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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday Morning Musings: September 5 2015 - HELLO

ageless fun

I’m remembering a time of PJs, cereal, toys, and settling down with a morning filled with cartoons. Flipping through the channels not wanting to miss a single cartoon. Parents would still be sleeping. I had the whole living room to myself, as if I was alone in the house…island…or castle…wherever my imagination took me.

It was a time of nothing scheduled, nothing planned, no running around to meet start up times or worry about the weather and whether or not to pack raingear. The only misfire of the morning was going with mom while she coached bowling. Sure, I bowled, too, but it wasn’t something I maintained. But, even then there were still cartoons or at least B-rated monster movies to watch when we got home.

Saturdays were structure-free.

I would read my way through three or four Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy books (sorry Lea – inside joke) in one weekend.

With that in mind…Welcome to MuseItUp’s newest weekly stop: Saturday Morning Musings.

We may not be bringing back cartoons and may not be able to lessen the family Saturday schedules; however, we are going to grab your attention and bring back reading marathons. Well, that’s our plan.

From here forward each Saturday our Middle Grade, Tween, YA, and even New YA authors will be visiting you bringing their unique perspective on their stories and genre. We’ll introduce you to new characters, fun adventures, and high emotions…think silly to heartbreaking.

Please join us next week as we introduce ourselves. And, if you have any musing topic or question, just give me a shout at with Saturday Morning Musings as the subject.

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  1. I remember my parents sleeping late, so I could watch what I wanted... Flash Gordon and Tarzan movies. I was into SciFi/fantasy even then.

  2. I'm really dating myself here, but we did not have a TV when I was a kid. Every Saturday morning I listened to the radio. Yep, I did. This fantastic program called "Let's Pretend" had fairy tales. I wasn't a reader back then, but I loved listening to Cinderella, Snow White and the others. For a time, I lived in another world, the world of make believe.

  3. I remember listening to the radio, too! My sisters and I would sit at the table and color while Mama cooked meals, and we'd all listen to the radio. You're right. Great for the imagination.

  4. I remember being at my grandma's house and watching TV while she was making my lumch. I had a plastic screen to put over my TV where you could draw as you watched this show called Winky Dink and you. Then I watched
    the Buster Brown Show and after that I went to the movies. I always had a brown paper bag with a chicken sandwich on my grandma's homemade challah. We stayed in the movies for hours!!

  5. Hi, Ladies...ahhh, the memories. Love them. Thanks for sharing!


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