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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday Morning Musings: Halloween Traditions

Happy Halloween!

Be safe and have fun.

We're sharing our Halloween you have one?

Halloween has always been fun and special in our household. My husband sets up speakers outside with appropriate kid songs ("Ghost Busters," "They're Coming to Take Me Away," etc.). On our door there is a skull which is sound activates and flashes red eyes and does creepy music. The kids hardly notice, for they're eyeing the small table. I give them a choice - candy or toy. It's about 50/50 which is picked. They can't have both and I won't choose for them. It's my own little evening entertainment. If my husband opens the door, however, he holds out the plastic pumpkin full of candy and says, "Take a handful, and some for your mom or dad over there, too."

Besides pulling out my box of decorations every year, I have a stack of Halloween Books I leave lying around for the grandkids. I love to read Scaredy Cat SPLAT, Room on the Broom, The Witch in the Cupboard and others to the little ones or have the bigger kids read them to me. That's my tradition.

My kids are grown, so we lay in a supply of candy for the neighborhood kids. We might also haul out a few of the Halloween decorations (spouse is big on holiday decorating).

Every year we carve pumpkins (toasting the seeds, of course!) and we decorate the front yard with a skeleton coming out of the ground in a makeshift graveyard.

On Halloween night, we put the porch light on and usually dress in a costume to greet our trick-or-treaters at the door. Of course, Halloween isn't complete without watching IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN. We watch that Halloween night, along with at least one scary movie.

Nowadays, I take my niece trick-or-treating or pass out candy to the kiddos that come to our house. Nothing really special, but I do wear my elven cloak that my mom made me ;)

Our church has a Trunk or Treat where we decorate our cars and pass out candy.  I always pass out candy.  This is one of my favorite holidays.  The day after, El Dia De Los Muertos, Day of the Dead, is my next favorite.

We don't do it anymore, but when the kids were younger we went pumpkin picking and then got all kinds of scary decorations and decorated our lawn. Also we had a jack o lantern. One year we had a big Halloween party and we made a scary room in our house.

After they went trick or treating I always checked the candy by cutting it open to see if anything was inside of them. Then I gave back half to my kids and doled out the rest slowly to them.

We've always celebrated Halloween, it's a super-fun holiday. My biggest disappointment when studying in England was how minor a holiday it felt, compared to the crazy commercialization of Halloween in the States. This Halloween will be particularly fun, because it's also the launch party for my wife's first novel. To celebrate both events, my wife and I are hosting a large house party, and will be dressed as Castle and Becket from the tv show "Castle" which features a crime-solving writer. We'll be talking up both of our books, since my novels, featuring grim reaping Deaths are a natural tie-in with Halloween.

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