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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Morning Musings: Your favourite Halloween movie/TV show


A few of us are sharing our favourite Halloween movie/TV show. After you check out our Musers' books, why not curl up with your favourite Halloween movie/show.

Have a great weekend.

I have several, but Silver Bullet is the first that comes to mind. Love-love-love the relationship between the brother, the sister and the uncle. When the kids were little, we always watched it every October.

I've always loved Sleepy Hollow (the one with Johnny Depp) and  A Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skellington and Zero rock!! (and so do the songs!!)

The Halloween episode of Community, season two ("Epidemology.") Yes, not a show about Halloween, but that episode is AWESOME! Imagine: community college students turned into zombies. A study group divided: do we help the zombies, our classmates, or do we save our own skins? Between ABBA's greatest hits and the dean's private to-do list airing over the PA system, this episode is full of laughs.

On behalf of my daughter...Hocus Pocus and the HalloweenTown movies.

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