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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday Morning Musings: Favourite childhood memory is?

Happy Saturday!

We're entering the week of our USA Muser Family's Thanksgiving holiday, a time spent with family and friends making memories.

Our Musers are musing...As a child my favourite memory is....

...walking the shores of the Great Lakes, searching for sea glass, and hearing the lap of waves and cries of gulls.

One of my favourite childhood memories has definitely got to be my birthday parties. I would always have themed parties and my mom would set up games and things for us to do. It was always so magical! We would have a sleepover afterwards too, and watch a movie and eat my favourite foods. It was kind of an ideal time for me, having fun with all my friends and getting birthday presents on top of that. Once when I was a bit older we had a scavenger hunt at a big shopping mall where we had to take pictures with certain things and then compare them at the end. Another time we went to a water-park and then back at home made a movie with the video camera. Definitely a lot of fun!

I'm fortunate in that I have many favourite memories from my childhood and mostly, they involve books. At primary school, our teacher used to read to us for the last half an hour of the day and I was always lost in the land of the 'Magic Faraway Tree' or in the world of whichever book she read us. I loved to read as well, and became engrossed by 'Little Women', 'The Chronicles of Narnia' and many others. It's strange that when I had to choose subjects to study at school, I chose science and not literature but at least now I'm very involved in books again. Although this time, as well as reading them, I like to write them as well.

One of my favorite memories as a young child is walking into the house on Thanksgiving morning and smelling the turkey browning in the oven. Even today, just the thought of that golden bird sizzling in the oven makes my mouth water. Add to that picture, the savory cornbread stuffing, the creamy brown gravy, the hot buttery rolls, and of course, the beautiful pumpkin pie smothered in whipped cream, and oh, my! I am getting really hungry now!

With five daughters in the family, there were always a lot of mouths to feed. We didn’t know we were poor and we had enough to eat, but it certainly wasn’t the kind of delectable foods cooked on Thanksgiving Day. The best part was that there was always more than enough. I could eat my fill and never have to worry about not getting my fair share. (I only had to worry about whether it was my turn to do the dishes that night!)

It was day for family, a day to spend together. Smelling a turkey baking today brings back those same mouth-watering memories of good food and family fun.

As a child my favourite memory is going out to my grandparents’ farm where we shucked dry corn kernels in to the pigsty and watched them scramble for it, we played with kittens, sat around the huge dining room table with extended family, cousins, aunt and uncle, great-grandma who made minced meat pie (which I didn’t like) and grandma who had lefsa, the Norwegian crepe (which I loved) and served lutefisk (preserved white fish) with lots of butter, which made it palatable. We played in the barn, gathered eggs, and read books and played card games.

As a child my favourite memory is going to my grandparents' house. Grandma would always have chocolate chip cookies and have these old, fun games to play.

Keep reading and dreaming. If there’s anything you’re curious about just drop me a note:


  1. Such wonderful memories. Thanks, everyone, for sharing them. I remember catching horned toads as I walked to school and putting them in my pocket. At lunch I'd feed them bites of whatever I was eating. I had no idea they ate only red ants. :) My pockets were a mess when I got home. Poor Mom.

  2. Thanks for coming over Beverly and sharing. Memories are the best, aren't they.


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