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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday Morning Musings: Why books for gifts?


My apologies for the delay, even though I'm trying to backdate this simply because I'm a little crazy that way. Family health demanded attention.

The original question for this posting was: Why books for gifts?

Let's get to our musings...and my apologies if I've lost/missed anyone's sharings.

There's something exciting about being given a book, it's so much more than a few pages bound in a cover. It's like being given a ticket to travel to an unknown destination. And you don't even need a passport or luggage. It's your opportunity to escape from reality and experience life through the eyes of someone else. You can travel at your own pace and the journey can last as long as you like. Well, until you reach the end of the book that is! But the wonderful thing about owning a book is that you can retrace your steps as often as you want to. I still have books I was given as a child and they are as precious to me now, as they were when I first received them.

Books make the best gifts! Whether it's giving someone a book you know they'll love or giving them something new to try, you are giving them a little world that they can be a part of. Although I love being given books I've wanted to read, I've also found a fair number of new books that I loved and wouldn't have read if someone hadn't given them to me. And giving books to others is a good way to entice them to get hooked onto a series you like.

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