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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday Morning Musings: Childhood Christmas/Holiday Traditions

Happy Saturday!

Well, by this time next Saturday Christmas 2015 will be but one more memory. Memories based on the fun we've (we're) having. Setting new traditions and keeping the well-loved traditions. And that's what our Muse authors are sharing today...their childhood traditions:

My birthday comes between Christmas Day and New Year's Day, and as part of the birthday celebrations, I was usually taken to see the Christmas lights in Oxford Street in London and then out to see a pantomime or ballet. Although they were outings for my birthday, I always remember them being part of our Christmas tradition.

In my family, we would (and still do) have a relatively low-key Christmas. In the morning, my sister and my parents would give presents to each other, get presents from Santa, and read the notes Santa left. It was really fun, and there were even traces that Santa had been there that made things seem magical (like cookie crumbs and the fire-place screen left open). My grandmother would come for lunch, and then we would all go to a family gathering with my other grandparents and aunts and uncles. It's always a nice time to get together with people and have a relaxing time for the holidays.

On Christmas morning we three kids would come down the stairs at the same time (with the parents) to see and open our stockings. Then for Christmas Day breakfast: a giant sugar cookie needing a whole cookie pan for each, shaped in the first letters of our names. (Right. Sugar high and child abuse by today's standards. Sugar high and tummy aches by yesteryear's standards.)

My family always went to my Grandfather's house for Christmas Eve (a tradition that moved to my Aunt's home after his passing and now to my Cousin's home.) On the way home we'd drive through what my father always called "Hobs Knob" and look at the Christmas lights.

After getting married and moving away from home, my husband and I started the tradition of opening a present from our stockings on Christmas Eve. Over the years this has morphed into opening all the presents in the stockings. This year, I'm trying to figure out how to fit the stocking presents in the stockings (they're a bit on the bulky side!)

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!

Christine I Steeves (Speakman)

My own traditions…visiting family Christmas Eve ending up at my Great-Aunt Jeannie’s home (I hated my paternal grandmother’s elevator, but boy do I miss it now) My Nanny and Pa coming for dinner, then my aunt and uncle and cousins dropping over after supper. Opening stockings first then gifts and Dad making Xmas breakfast. Now dad did cook at other times, but Christmas breakfast was always a biggie for him and me. Then it was putting a call through to my brother in Scotland…a time you had to get the operator to do it and wait for the call back and the static line. Now Christmas Eve is spent with my aunt and uncle and we continue Christmas Day with my daughter.

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  1. Wonderful Christmas memories. I remember when I was young, always excited about my Christmas stocking. My sister's and mine always had an apple, an orange, some pecans and ribbon candy. We didn't have candy and fruit all the time so this was a special occasion. One Christmas Eve we even saw Santa. We heard his bells jingling and caught sight of him outside our bedroom window. He had a gift for each of us and then was gone with a "Ho, ho, Merry Christmas."
    Now, our family is so scattered, I don't see all of them at Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all.

  2. Glad to dropped over Beverly...there was always an orange in my stocking, too. Plus chocolate, for some reason our family always had a thing of chocolate in the stocking. Never did see Santa, but he or his elves sneak into my daughter's room and leave a package every year :)


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