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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Escape to the New World

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Escape to the New World by Joanne A. Reisberg
Middle Grade Historical Adventure
Retails $4.50…Now ONLY $0.99…ends September 4th.

“As a middle school teacher, I feel both boys and girls will enjoy this fast-paced tale and admire Carlos for his bravery and determination. They may not even realize they are learning some history and geography while reading this well-written thrilling story!” 5 Stars

“This is an edge-of-your-seat middle grade novel that sweeps the reader into the 16th century world of galleons and privateers.” 5 Stars

The eerie ring of the ship’s bell jarred his thoughts as it cut through the night air, marking the hour. He had watched the pier for the past three weeks, and knew huge menacing dogs would patrol the docks. He had to stay alert and make his move soon.

Carlos scanned the pier one last time, double-checking for shadows. He saw none. Fumbling for the silver coin in his pocket, he gripped it tight. The Santa Teresa was headed for Nombre de Dios. From there he would travel south to find his father at the silver mines in Potosi.

Carlos bent his knees; hesitated for a split second, whispered a prayer for a safe journey, for the souls of his mother and sister…then sprinted forward.

Glowing lanterns lit his path as he splashed through puddles and raced across the wharf toward the Santa Teresa. He blocked out happy times that slipped into his head. They didn’t exist anymore. That life had ended.

Halfway to the galleon, angry voices erupted on the main deck. He caught himself and slowed his steps. Who were those men? That deck had always been empty at this hour. He couldn’t board. Think…think.
Behind him, Carlos heard faint barking sounds. Those beasts would race down the pier in minutes. Quickly, he clutched Maria’s coat that had started to slip.

He picked up his pace, changed paths, and headed toward the galleon moored farther down the pier from the Santa Teresa. His mouth had gone dry and his heart pounded with fear…panic he’d be caught and returned to his uncle. No, not again. Not this time.

Carlos strained to hear sounds of that ship’s crew.

He heard nothing as he reached the steep gangplank. Out of the corner of his eye he glimpsed the name on the bow. Santiago?

What did he know about the Santiago? Did it sail to India or Nombre de Dios?

Growling dogs had already reached the Santa Teresa. He had to get off the wharf…and fast!

Carlos scrambled barefooted up the gangplank, stubbed his toes, and bit back the pain. Once on the main deck he squatted behind a large barrel, took several quick breaths, and pressed his hand against his pounding chest. Eyes narrowed, he peered past the rigging toward the fo’c’sle for anyone who might stop him. One lone man stood with his back to him, blocking his path to the hold. Hiding among the water barrels down below had been an earlier plan on the Santa Teresa. That would no longer work.
Over to his right he glimpsed a ladder.

Lifting the hem of Maria’s coat with one hand and securing his shoes with the other, he climbed the narrow wooden ladder onto the half-deck. Ahead, he spotted a cabin door and raced toward it. He lifted the latch and rushed inside. Breathing hard with his mouth open, he leaned his shoulder against the closed door and slid to the floor.

Carlos sat without moving a muscle. He half-expected a hand to shoot out from the darkest of corners of the small cabin and grab him; a voice ordering him to stand. He listened for sounds of sleep: a snore, heavy breathing…but heard only the wild thumping of his heart.

Slowly, his eyes adjusted to the dim moonlight that streamed in between the curtains of the small square window. Carlos turned and pressed his ear against the door. Creaking sounds of the wooden hull and a few distant voices were all he heard.

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