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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday Morning Musings: What are you tired of reading


Let the weekend begin and it's our wish you have a great one, maybe even find time to read something you love.

Which is my way of leading us to today's Saturday Musings...what are you tired of reading in the MG/YA/New YA/Tween genre?

In fantasy genres, especially young adult, I'm really tired of seeing "reluctant heroes": protagonists who get swept up on an adventure they don't want to be on, and complain about it until they eventually realize that they do want to do it, or will at least put up with it. Granted, some of the stories are quite good, but it gets tiring when the character just doesn't want to be there and has to be dragged along. Especially since the reader, if they were given the choice, would gladly leap into such an adventure despite the dangers. It makes you want to say "Fine then, protagonist, let's switch places!"

I haven't yet got to the stage where I'm tired of reading books of any genre. There are so many books to choose from, that so far, I've been able to find stories that interest and stimulate me. Thinking back to the books that I read when I was young, I can see that stories are more sophisticated today, as are the readers. I can't imagine many of the YA books I read when I was a teenager interesting an adult back then but things are definitely different now, with many YA books having universal appeal, such as the Harry Potter series. However, if I have to give one thing that I think has had its day in YA fiction, it would be vampires. I'm not really a fan, so it wouldn't bother me if they were harder to find on the bookshelf!

What I am most tired of reading about in the YA genre is YA fantasy. Many of these fantasies have involved stories and worlds and they don’t hold my interest at all. I know that kids enjoy reading them, because I have heard them express this, but some of them, including the post-apocalyptic ones have a story that involves violence and a far-fetched story line are too much. I would also include the vampire and werewolf stories in this group too. What are these stories teaching kids of this age group? Now I’m not talking about the ones where the story is well crafted and the main character is a real hero. I’m talking about the stories that just go on and on and keep adding on characters. I have tried to read these, but I just can’t get into these plots.

Another thing I would like to see stop is the gory covers and the ones with older looking people locked in an embrace while the world is being destroyed around them. I know that my opinions are probably on the outside of what kids like to read, but I grew up with stories that were more grounded in reality. And as I said, I’m not against all fantasies, just the ones that promote a violent lifestyle.

Many Historical Romances contain explicit sex. I am tired of it, mostly because, as the saying goes, less is more. This is why I either classify my novels as Historical Fiction or Romantic Historical.

I am also tired of historical fiction which is badly researched, and in which the characters speak and act as though they are 21st century people dressed in costume.

Keep reading and dreaming. If there’s anything you’re curious about just drop me a note:

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