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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saturday Morning Musings: The Exciting and Mundane

Happy Saturday.

My favourite part of Saturdays, growing up and even now, was the cartoons. Yes, I'm a cartoon gal. Next to reading these were my favourite down time enjoyments. Of course, writing was mixed in there as well. Terri has another question for this week and it's one some readers may not think authors feel at times, so let's move on:

Most exciting, most mundane part of writing

TERRI BERTHA, Mainstream NEW author

The most exciting aspect of writing is getting into that "not normally used" part of the brain and creating a dream world that one can escape to.  Getting that spark of creativity drives the words onto the page and allows both the writer and reader to travel into an imagined place and be entertained.
The most mundane part of writing is the final editing when searching for missing commas, bad punctuation, repeated words, missssspellings, repeated words, repeated words...

Most exciting part of writing: Having a new story idea. Researching places and things that are new to me. And life giving me the time to get it down in writing before I forget it.

Most mundane parts: The bleeping edits. You try writing a first person story without a fair amount of ‘I’ and ‘you’ – I dare you. I double dare you.

Most painful part: Coming up with a blurb and tag line.

The most exciting part about writing is exploring new ideas. I love making up characters and scenes, and especially dialog between characters. I often go on walks and the characters in whatever I'm working on just "talk." Then I'll write it down and it's much more exciting and quick to write because I know exactly where it's going.

And the most mundane part has got to be getting little details right that don't interest me. Having to look up things I want to make sure I get right historically or technically. Unless it's a topic I'm particularly interested in, I find this really boring.

When I originally read Chris's question, my first thoughts were that the most exciting aspect of writing, is producing something that turns out exactly as I planned - or better still - if it exceeds my hopes.  And I thought the most mundane part of writing, is the editing.

And then, I started to carefully consider my answer and I realised that actually, I quite like editing! There's something very satisfying about taming an unruly story and making it behave. In fact, nothing turns out as planned, without careful editing.

I thought again, and wondered if perhaps the most mundane part is carrying out research - but, I really like that too! Finding a key piece of information that makes a story more believable, or interesting, is a great feeling.

So, after giving the question a lot of consideration, I realise that I can't think of anything about writing that I find mundane and that I find pretty much everything about writing, exciting!

The most exciting part of writing is the beginning of the very first draft- when an idea is fresh and new, and there's nothing but pure creativity pouring onto the page. It's the phase I'm at right now with my current WIP. The most mundane part is marketing at the end.

ALIX RICHARDS, Hot author:

The most exciting part about writing is where the story goes and what the characters do. I’m not a plotter, very much a pantser. I do some planning, not a lot though. I like to see what happens and transpires. I like being surprised by what the characters do on their own in the situations I created for them. I truly LOVE seeing the twists and turns that pop up and spawn new ideas and story lines and characters. It’s an awesome feeling when I read back through what I wrote and see how smoothly everything goes. And yes, there are times I wish it wouldn’t have gone on that way, but *shrugs* that’s what great about writing. Sometimes the characters know more about what going on than the writer.

As for mundane…that’s pretty much everything that’s boring! LOL Okay, okay, seriously. Um, I don’t really think I anything is mundane. I enjoy all there is to writing. Including learn new things along the way, a new process, a new link. I’m just weird like that. lol

I think the most exciting part of writing is when you are in the flow of words and ideas. I remember writing well into the night on one of the books in The Lost Song trilogy. I was typing away and suddenly, as if I just had awakened, I looked at my fingers on the keyboard in awe. I said to myself, “Where is this all coming from?”

In truth, I have no idea. I had ideas, created the characters, and had some inkling about where the story was heading, but something else had happened. When I’d do my first revisions, I’d often see clues I’d left for the story that I didn’t know I’d placed there. Was I tapping into subconscious plotting or was it a spiritual experience? Whatever it is, it’s always the most exciting part of writing for me.

The most mundane part sometimes is research. Though when I was researching Legacy, the next book in the Ruins series, which takes place on a horse ranch, research became adventurous. I knew nothing about horses. Over the phone, I talked to a lot of horse owners, ranchers, farriers, horseshoers, horse trainers, reike practitioners who worked on horses, therapy horse practitioners, veterinarians, horsewomen, and rodeo riders. But it wasn’t until I actually had to horse sit for a friend or get out into a pasture with a small herd with another that I actually got a
feel for what horses were about. I guess even in the mundane there is an element of excitement.

Keep reading and dreaming. If there’s anything you’re curious about just drop me a note:

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