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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday Morning Musings: The best genre

Happy Saturday.

As you may realize, I've been a tad offline and have not brought our November musings together on time. Well, today is catch up day.

Our first thought is:

What genre works with this age/market best, the MG, Tween, Teen, YA, New YA...hope you leave a comment with your thoughts, readers.

Dawn's going to walk us through today

I think characters that readers can identify with are popular, particularly if they are in a fantasy setting. Books such as Harry Potter and The Hunger Games have protagonists with flaws and problems that are common to many young readers (as well as older readers). I think people find it satisfying if the characters' imperfections and troubles can be overcome in fantastical worlds, especially if they have fun along the way.

I find my daughter, a teen, reads more fantasy or reality than other genres. I was addicted to Nancy Drew, but couldn't turn my daughter's attention to them.

Keep reading and dreaming. If there’s anything you’re curious about just drop me a note:

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