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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday Morning Musings: What’s new for you this year

Super Saturday!

If you think something's gone crazy don't worry I didn't get the upload done in time. Not the best start for the New Year; however, Dawn's here to tell us what's coming up new for her.

Wow! I have so many plans for 2017, my head is buzzing! I'm currently about half way through a sequel for DAFFODIL AND THE THIN PLACE, which is set during World War One. I've also been asked to write a play to commemorate the end of World War One and the return of the service men. This will be performed in 2018, and I've already planned and started writing it. In 2014, I wrote a play to commemorate the centenary of the beginning of World War One, which was performed in my home town that year. Last year, it was performed in our twin town in Germany and this year, in our other twin town in France. However, I have been asked to collaborate with the production company who produced it, to change it slightly, so that it can be taken into schools and performed. And there are several short stories that I want to write too. I'm tremendously excited by all the projects I've got lined up for 2017!

Keep reading and dreaming. If there’s anything you’re curious about just drop me a note:

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