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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday Morning Musings: What is Saturday Morning Musings?


I’m a few hours late in getting this posted today. The “today” has thirty-one minutes left as I type.

Last Sunday on Sunday Musings I explained how that weekly blog posting got started. Yesterday, I talked about our other weekly blog posting was started…look, I’m walking a tightrope here, I need to be both respectful of the topic and still not sound like I’m talking down to anyone here…and, yes, I think I’m failing at both, so moving on.

What is Saturday Morning Musings?

It’s a place to meet and get a feel about our authors who write your specific genre: MG/Tween/Teen/YA/New YA.

The one thing you can be sure about is we never shy away from any topic. Yes, for the most part we’re talking PG. Yes, some of our authors use strong language, even a more personal situation.

I strive…don’t always succeed…to ask questions that I wanted to have answered when I was young (okay, like I said last Sunday, I’m not the age of dinosaurs). We want to talk with you, not at you. We want you to be as excited about reading as we are.

We want you to be writers…called pass on the craziness.

We want to pass on advice without the lectures. We want to give you an escape from the stress of being your age.

We want to be serious and have fun.

Then why the boring title? Because back in my day when I walked with the dinosaurs, we had something called Saturday Morning Cartoons…on every major channel and network. Some nearly all day long. Most from eight in the morning till about noon, then again around supper time. Granted we only had three, maybe five major channels, but they weren’t filled with politics or infomercials. They were cartoons, monster movies, SF movies, mysteries…pure fun.

Hence, the boring title: Saturday Morning Musings. Maybe our motto should be…bringing the fun and escape back to Saturdays?

Now to our familiar ending…

Keep reading and dreaming. If there’s anything you’re curious about just drop me a note:

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday Morning Musings: I’m in a niche

Welcome home, Saturday Musers!

Hope you've been having fun. I know March break is around the corner for many...have fun and be safe.

Let's find out a little more about our authors' books:

What niche does your book fill and why should our audience read it?

'Daffodil and the Thin Place' tells the story of a thirteen-year old girl who escapes to another period in history - the Victorian age. It is pure escapism but because it is set in a building that really exists, amongst real historical characters, it has an air of authenticity. All that and a touch of romance and lashings of excitement are thrown in too!

TERRI BERTHA, Mainstream NEW author

My main goal with Spooky Twisties is to get kids to read more, by offering entertaining stories mixed with humor, fun and horror.  Hopefully, the reading audience can relate in some way to the characters on the pages and find themselves amused with my Middle Grade fiction.

My books fall in the social issues niche and they talk about how my characters have a problem and need to change. In one of them my character feels invisible and wants to become popular. In the other my character’s father has suddenly become ill and she has to deal with this. I know both books have characters that teens like and also they both end in a very satisfying way. The story centers on the kids and how they need to change to get what they want. Most people who have read my first book have identified with the characters. it speaks to them. 

For me, nothing can sweep me away like historical fiction. I get lost in the adventure, and our own history—from the Scottish Highlands to Ancient Rome. However, many of these books are so brutal and sexually explicit that I have to read gory parts with my eyes closed. They’re not appropriate for younger readers, or my mother.  *grin*

I think my niche is a unique one because I spend so much time researching and travelling to far off locations in order to bring history to life, while at the same time hoping to carry young readers off on the best possible adventure. 

Keep reading and dreaming. If there’s anything you’re curious about just drop me a note:

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday Morning Musings: Our genres for our audience

Hey Saturday, glad you're here.

Whew, back on normal track. It's always a relief to have things moving smoothly. To be able to just relax, maybe with a book.

Last week we were talking about adults reading MG/Tween/YA and why we should, this week we're touching a little different:

Because this is more an audience age category, MG/Tween/YA, what genre do you write/place your story in...mystery, SF, Fantasy, dark, drama?

Paranormal mystery.

I like to be lifted out of normal life, when I read a story, and I assume readers enjoy that too, so I usually write stories with magical or mystical elements My middle grade book 'DAFFODIL AND THE THIN PLACE' involves time slip, where the eponymous Daffodil travels from the twenty-first century back to the Victorian Age. There is plenty of mystery and drama involved! The sequel will involve Daffodil travelling back to 1916. I also have plans to write a YA sci-fi book.

Keep reading and dreaming. If there’s anything you’re curious about just drop me a note: