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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Refresh: Saturday Morning Musings - Do we need HEA endings

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We're talking HEAs today...Most romance books have the Happy Ever After ending, is this a requirement for our audience?

I think a 'Happy Ever After Ending' is usually required, but from time to time, it is necessary to contravene this so that it doesn't become a rule. I think readers would become bored if they always knew the outcome of a book before they started, so from time to time, a sad ending is necessary.

I don't think this is necessarily true. Yes, devoted romance readers want HEA storylines, yet the audience is changing. As romance crosses generas more ending options open. Some romances were never meant to be forever, but what becomes important at the end is what the characters learn about themselves and each other. I think the key is an ending that is positive in some way even though it might involve heartbreak.

Not necessarily, but many of them do like it if they have an ending that is satisfying to them. It doesn’t always have to be happily ever after, but it does have to leave them feeling good. Most of them prefer if there is a happy ending, though.

As much as I love a tragic ending, I do think it’s kind of a requirement *if* you want to leave your readers happy. “Happy Ever Afters” are preferred by most people, not just young adults. My husband, for example, hates books and movies with sad endings.

A famous author of a best-selling YA trilogy killed off her heroine at the end and it left a huge percentage of her readers furious. It was a risky move, and although I didn’t mind the ending, it seemed her target audience was left fuming mad.

There is always the exception to the rule, but I think everyone wants that little spark of hope, even in a sad ending.

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